The Charbecue is a unique solid fuel outdoor cooking device capable of efficiently cooking anything and can be used in many ways.

You could be barbecuing, making paella or jambalaya and a hog roast at the same time!

The possibilities are endless.

During the development of this invention, versatility and efficiency were considered key factors.
The culmination of which is a well-engineered sustainable unit, which can be used to:

Barbecue | Grill | Roast | Bake | Smoke | Fry | Poach

Some of the key elements were to:

The Charbecue

  • Allow for as many different cooking methods to be used at the same time.
  • Be equally capable of cooking food on a ‘rolling basis’ or as a ‘single serving’.
  • Produce a long-lasting and sustainable unit.
  • Have mobility.
  • Decrease fuel consumption, without compromising cooking.
  • Optimise available space for cooking.
  • Provide greater control cooking temperature.
  • Refuel without the need to disturb food or adversely affecting cooking.
  • Run constantly, 24/7 if required.

We believe we have achieved this, with the Charbecue.

 Assessed to ensure the device meets EU safety, health and environmental requirements.

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