The Charbecue is a scalable outdoor cooker, believed to be one of the most versatile and fuel efficient, currently available in the world.

It has been developed to allow for the widest variety of cooking methods available simultaneously.

Using sold fuel from a single source, the Charbecue is capable of cooking above and below the heat at the same time.

The Charbecue is protected by European Patent EP2416685.
– “Charbecue” is a registered trademark of Charbecue Ltd.

Cooking Area
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The cooker has a huge 13,478 cm2 of cooking space which this is equally divided between the upper rack and oven.

Cooking & Efficiency

The Charbecue capable of cooking 24/7, without disturbing any foods cooking, whilst being refuelled. We also believe that it is one of the most fuel-efficient outdoor cooking devices currently available.

Adjustable locking rack

The adjustable locking rack means that cooking heights can be varied in increments of 2.5cm, to suit your particular needs. This ranges from 6cm to 30cm above the fuel, allowing for the greatest possible control when for cooking.

Cooker – Grill/Hot Plate

The Charbecue comes with two interchangeable mesh baskets and one hotplate.

These can all be turned, depending on needs, as a consequence the mesh baskets can act as a conventional grill or shallow cooking basket. If the hotplate is turned over, it becomes a shallow pan which can be used for frying or cooking foods with a liquid such as onions.

Ash box / 2nd Oven space

Designed initially to collect ash from the Charbecue, we have found that the amount of heat retained by ash is significant. As a consequence have successfully cooked a variety foil wrapped of foods utilising this heat:

  • Trout and Salmon fillets
  • Jacket Potatoes
  • Sweetcorn


As the Charbecues has evolved and greater efficiencies have been made. This has reduced the amount of ash created. As a consequence, ash created during normal cooking may need to be supplemented if used for such purposes.


Tray – with drainage point

Depending on what the oven is being used for this again can be used in a variety of ways such as:

Drip tray – to catch and hold the juices from large joints of meat

Bain Marie – As an example, crème brulees have been successfully been cooked on several occasions.

Twin oven racks

These can also be used in several ways:

  1. Conventionally
    Place food on the racks for ‘normal’ cooking.
  2. Hooked
    Allows for large pieces of meat or other foodstuffs to be ‘locked’ in place, allowing for the food to be turned safely and easily, without the risk of it breaking up.
  3. Inverted
    Provides a smaller space in which large pieces of fish such as a whole salmon can again be cooked and turned without fear of the food breaking into pieces.


The Rake has been specifically designed to provide an easy way of separating spent fuel and charcoal. So that the spent ash can be, swept into the ashcan. Whilst retaining usable fuel.

Note: Removing spent ash can also significantly increase the temperature in the oven.

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