Fuel Efficient

Producing a fuel efficient device was considered key in the development of the Charbecue and this has led to a reduction in fuel consumption of more than 45 per cent.

Charbecue - fuel efficient
Fuel efficiency, with minimal heat loss.

As a result, in normal weather conditions, we would expect the current version (7) to consume approximately 12kgs of restaurant grade in an 8 hour period. This would provide sufficient heat, to continuously cook food both in the oven and grill area.

From a limited amount of research, we have undertaken. We believe that the Charbecue is one of the most fuel-efficient outdoor devices currently available.
* This is based on the maximum number of food portions cooked in relation to fuel consumed.

Further tests were undertaken in relation to using the oven for hot smoking. We have been able to cook food continuously for more than 41 hours, using just 5kg of charcoal.

Whilst, the images below are not the most photogenic. They give an indication as to the amount of fuel typically used with the Charbecue, in the majority of situations.

Independent Thermal Analysis

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The conclusions were that:

  • The Charbecue is energy efficient, compared to traditional devices.
  • In addition, the loss of heat through the oven door was insignificant. This was unexpected as there was no seal between the door and body of the Charbecue. This was really impressive.
  • As the system is made primarily from steel, there was concern that after long periods of use. Heat would flow to the external surfaces and become a hazard. However, the thermal images show the external temperature remained low and safe to operate.

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