Hot Ash

Sometimes, the issue of, what do I do with any leftover hot ash?

Effectively, you have two choices. Either, leave it at the venue with the owner’s consent or take it with you. The Charbecue has been designed with this in mind.

All you have to do, if you are taking it away from the venue, is put the ash in the ash can then place the ash can in the oven and wedge it in place. Using the rake, which has been designed for that purpose and shut the oven doors.

See below photograph.

The Ash can has been designed, to specifically fit into the drip tray and oven racks, so they can be safely transported when properly secured in a van or trailer.


  • Although some heat may be generated by residual charcoal, providing the ash can and Charbecue have been properly secured. They can be safely transported away from the venue.
  • Never leave hot ash at a venue, without the owner’s permission as this may cause a potential hazard.
Hot Ash - Charbecue 

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