Thermal Images – Independent test

An independent heat leakage test of the Charbecue, using thermal images was initially undertaken by Dr Blaise Mempouo of Nottingham University. He is also Energy and Sustainability Consultant Chair /CEO of HSGC.

Note: Testing was undertaken without the company having any prior knowledge of the test. Although a copy of a report on the findings was subsequently provided.

The method he used:

Was to fuel the Charbecue to half capacity and then use it in the normal way for approximately 3 hours. This would allow for heat emissions to stabilise. After which the unit would be examined using a thermal imaging camera to identify areas of heat loss.


  • The Charbecue is energy efficient compared to traditional barbecues; since the heat leakage was significantly low.
  • In addition, the loss of heat through the door of the oven was insignificant, which was not as expected, since there is no sealing between the door and body of the Charbecue, this was really impressive.
  • As the system is made from steel, there was concern that after a long time, heat would flow to the external surfaces and this could become a hazard for the operator. The images show that the external temperature did not increase significantly and was safe to operate, overheating did not take place as predicted.

From Charbecue’s perspective, not only do these images show the fuel being used efficiently, in terms of heat leakage. They also demonstrate the amount of heat still being generated after three hours of use, from ‘a half load’ of fuel.

Thermal 11
Thermal 10
Thermal 09
Thermal 08
Thermal 07
Thermal 06
Thermal 05
Thermal 04
Thermal 03
Thermal 02
Thermal 01